Program Overview

iTHRIVE is a bi-lingual early intervention program for teens struggling with drugs/alcohol abuse and it is also for the parents of these teens. Through a powerful combination of group therapy, experiential learning and parent education, iTHRIVE supports an adolescent’s right to joy and productivity and we also support their families in reclaiming hope and happiness. Our groups offer a place for teens and parents to talk and process, receive support, and learn the tools and skills they need for recovery and for repairing relationships. We work to help teens and families thrive.


iTHRIVE is specifically designed for 12-17 year-olds who have just begun to veer onto an unhealthy track with drugs/alcohol and support for their parents. Parental attendance is mandatory in the substance abuse class (our invitation to parents includes guardians of teens). Meetings are open to all families in need of support.


Each iTHRIVE drug/alcohol session is offered over 6 meetings, beginning with an informal individual intake meeting for teens and parents to meet with the iTHRIVE staff to assess the teens and the family’s need for support. Teens and parents (parental attendance is mandatory) then meet for six weeks, two hours a night for group therapy, education, experiential activities, and practical skills aimed at helping teens become sober and to help their families in supporting their teens’ recovery. Teens and parents have separate group meetings.

When and Where

LONGMONT LOCATION: evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Meets at 839 Meeker St., Longmont, CO

BOULDER LOCATION:  evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Meets at Arapahoe Campus, 6600 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder

NORTHGLENN LOCATION: evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Meets at 11172 Huron, Suite 22, Northglenn

Please call for an initial one hour intake session 303-776-8184 before you can join group.


We make it a priority to insure that iTHRIVE sessions are affordable to everyone.  The drug/alcohol program is 6 weeks long and fees are determined on a sliding fee scale based on income level.  Space is limited. We accept checks, credit cards and cash. Payment is collected at the beginning of the session.

Registration and More Information

Contact iTHRIVE at 303-776-8184, use the “contact us” form or email us at for more information and to register. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions!

What Families Can Expect

During each session, teens and parents learn a variety of knowledge and skills aimed at helping each of them understand and work with the emotional reasons that might be driving them towards substance abuse/criminality or fueling their anger issues. Teens find a comfortable and positive place to talk about their problems with other teens that have similar experiences. Parent’s finds a group of parents going through similar struggles.

Teens and parents who go through iTHRIVE often discover that they “are not the only one’s” and “everything is not my fault.” Both teens and parents will have the guidance of highly qualified therapists to help them process what they are going through and to find ways to positively address struggles and problems. While iTHRIVE focuses on helping teens to stop using, parents and teens often find that their communication and relationship with each other improves drastically.

Is iTHRIVE for Your Family?

iTHRIVE was designed to help families who are suffering due to their teen’s substance abuse and the negative and destructive behavior that it can lead to. Although we would like to be able to help all families who have a teen struggling with these issues, iTHRIVE is specifically designed for teens who are not yet addicted enough to need the services of a inpatient treatment program. If you have questions about whether iTHRIVE is a good fit for your family, please feel free to call us at 303-776-8184.


Once parents and teens have graduated from the six-week program, we offer several different ways in which both can remain with iTHRIVE through our support groups for teens and parents.  Our Alumni community is ever-growing and it offers a great way for teens and their parents to make and keep new friends.  Teens get to attend all future weekly experiential activities and monthly field trips. Parents get to remain a part of an alumni support group for as long as they want.