iTHRIVE Leadership


As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc siteAlexis Saccoman Psy.D., Program Director and Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Alexis Saccoman is a licensed clinical psychologist.  He is an Ivy League graduate (Brown University) and has been immersed in the field of psychology for 15 years.  During this time, besides holding a private practice, supervising doctoral interns, and teaching didactics, he also served populations in medical emergency room, courthouse, psychiatric hospital, partial hospitalization program, outpatient clinic, methadone clinic, and university campus settings.

He has lived in 5 countries, attended American International Schools his entire life, and is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.  He is also proficient in French and conversational in Italian.  His clinical specializations are in the fields of relational troubles, life transitions, self esteem, and trauma.    He is also the co-founder of an online Cognitive-Behavioral and Journaling tool named MyTherapyJournal and has appeared on national television (ABC network) several times showcasing this service in the show Shark Tank.

Leon-BLeon Bartholomay, Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC III) Lead Family Counselor

Co-ordinates and co-facilitates the family program within iTHRIVE.  He brings to this organization an extensive history of working with adolescents, adults and families within the field of chemical usage, abuse and dependency.  He has been working as a Certified Chemical Dependency Therapist of over 30 years after earning his Licensed Addiction Counselor certificate from North Dakota State University in 1982.  He has spent over 35 years actively involved in the recovery community and in his own recovery.  He began his career in North Dakota in 1982 working with chemical abusing adolescents and their families and continues to feel most effective and enlightened in his field when working with this population.

He retired from the US Army in 2004 and most recently spent 5 years with Harmony Foundation as a CAC III and Director of Treatment Services.  He fills his retirement time with the role of a very active grandfather to 4 wonderful granddaughters, a very active involvement within the 12 step community and as a board member for the Triangle Club of Longmont (a 12 step support non-profit organization).

He is committed to the success of the iTHRIVE program and to the growth of adolescent education programs throughout Boulder County that promote the health and welfare of our youth and the family dynamics surrounding them.

Colt Smith, CACI, Lead Teen Facilitator

Colt is a Certified Addiction Counselor and facilitates and co-facilitates the teen groups as well as presents to school health classes focusing on addiction and recovery.  He brings to the program his experience in working in the field of substance abuse treatment working with teens, adults and families in acute treatment and post acute treatment as a Direct Care Counselor at Fire Mountain and well as Admission Counselor at the Harmony Foundation in Estes Park.  His experience as well as his personal story that includes both addiction and recovery and his ability to identify with why someone may use helps him relate to the teens.  He is passionate about walking beside struggling teens as they explore alternative methods of reaching a “high” without the need to use illicit substances.

  Guili Zavaschi,  MS, LPC, Lead Parent Facilitator

Guili is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) serving individuals, couples, teens, and families with more than a decade of experience.  His commitment to serve as a psychotherapist started at an early age when traveling the world as a competitive rock climber and the profound connections he made with people along the way.  Those experiences opened his heart and gave him a appreciation of what really makes humans connect, unite and respect and love each other and led him to pursue an education in psychology in Brazil and Chile.  He has also worked for three years as a psychotherapist at Takiwasi, an addictions rehabilitation center in the Puruvian Amazonian jungle. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

marieMarie Terry, Office Manager

Marie has worked in the non-profit sector for over 20 years including 10 years in the business office at the Alexander Dawson School and as the Office Manager for Alternatives for Youth.  In addition to managing the financial position of the organization she also assists in program development.  She is dedicated to the agencies success and personally passionate about helping teens and their families.  She deeply believes that family support of their struggling teen is the true real key to helping their teen through substance abuse.

DEBbit2Deb Roberts, Executive Director

Deb holds a Master’s degree in non-profit management from the University of Illinois.  She has over 35 years of experience in the non-profit management arena and has served as the Executive Director of numerous human service agencies in Georgia and Colorado.  Deb has been with Alternatives for Youth since 2006.  As a parent whose child became involved with alcohol and drugs as a teen, Deb understands the struggles that parents experience as their child heads down this dangerous path.  She is passionate about providing support, guidance, and education to both youth and parents in the early stages of teen use.

Cheryl Hamilton, Parent Co-Facilitator

Cheryl co-facilitates the weekly parent groups and also runs the monthly parent meet-up support group.  She has over 8 years parent coaching, training and teaching experience.  She is currently obtaining her CACI (Certified Addiction Counselor) and will be working towards her CACII.  As the mother of a teen that struggled for years with anger, drugs, alcohol and anxiety, she understands the family dynamics and pitfalls that families face.  She is dedicated to helping families navigate through the tough times and come out the other side.

Nicholas Thompson, LCSW, Lead Parent Facilitator

Nick is a licensed Clinical Social Worker.  He earned his BA in psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder and his Masters in Social Work from the University of North Dakota.  He has been working with youth and their families for 10 years in a variety of settings including middle and high schools, residential facilities and detention centers.  Nick currently works as an Interventionist for the St. Vrain Valley School District in addition to holding private practice in Boulder.  Nick is very passionate about helping parents begin to see adolescence as a time of great opportunity and not just as a time to survive.  He believes that educating parents on adolescent development can help them learn to better listen to, support and encourage their teens during this transitional period.

DawnMarieDawnMarie Aynes, Parent Co-Facilitator, Board Member

DawnMarie is like many of our parents who found herself desperately searching for help for her teenage son who was starting to struggle with drugs and alcohol.  She found the iTHRIVE program during that search and she and her son participated in the program in 2012. She liked the program so much that she became a board member advocating for our parents, being their voice and helping to enrich the program. She is the proud mom of 4 boys, 3 grandsons and a granddaughter. Coming from a family of addicts herself, she NEVER thought her child would go down that path as she, like so many parents, talked about the dangers of substance abuse since her boys were very young.  She understands that as hard as we try, we can’t always help our children make the best choices.  Being involved in the program has been fulfilling for her because she can help other parents answer questions, look for solutions, and help them understand they are not alone in this journey.

KateKatharine Baughn, Teen Co-Facilitator

Kate is a 23 year old Biology student at Metropolitan State University of Denver.  As a teenager and young adult, she struggled with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.  Kate made an effort towards recovery in 2013 and has been drug and alcohol free for three years.  She is experienced in skills related to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindful Meditation.  Aside from her passion for recovery, Kate is interested in astronomy and plays the bass in a band.  Kate helps co-facilitate the teens in the 6 week program and speaks to teens in school classroom lectures about her experience from addiction to recovery.


Spencer Crawford, Teen Co-Facilitator

Spencer brings to the program his experience as a recovering addict as well as an abundant supply of positive attitude.  His presence adds an element of relatability to the teen groups.  Spencer’s personal story is one of addition, incarceration and recovery.  He is passionate about the growth and success of our teens and is intent on making a difference.  He attends Metropolitan State University majoring in computer science.  He also enjoys hiking, rock climbing and video game design.


Kelsie McQuinn, MA, LPC, Lead Teen Facilitator

Kelsie is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She earned her Bachelors of Science (BS) degree in Psychology from Montana State University and her Masters of Arts (MA) degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of Denver. Kelsie has been working with court ordered adult offenders for approximately five years, focusing on substance abuse, anger management, and cognitive skills. She has worked with both females and males, in a variety of settings, including Denver County Jail, Jefferson County Jail and outpatient settings. Kelsie currently works as a contracted employee at Correctional Psychology Associates with adult offenders and is a Teen Facilitator for iTHRIVE. She brings to the program an understanding of the criminal justice system and the often unfortunate relationship between substance abuse and incarceration. She is passionate about helping adolescents empower themselves to adapt and overcome their life circumstances with the hope of creating a brighter future.